Monday, July 30, 2012

Business that prescription medication

Business that prescription medication. People in PSU are crushed by inefficiency by their senior. I am an engineer in a reputed firm in India. By choice I selected it as it lies in the heart of poor, tribal people. In extra time I started teaching children and motivated my friends to join in this endeavor. As our work expanded I after a struggle with the system moved to CSR department. Here i found people working only to make face value. Anyway I again made adjustment and started ignoring tasks assigned by my immediate seniors if it is given in odd time, to be execute programs of my own will (I learned to play with hierarchy. If you start ignoring your seniors, he will adjust according to save his own face). As my own works are giving face value to my organized although it is not in the policy, people at top started recognizing my work (as I always send report of my work to higher authorities) and appreciated me. This started giving me more freedom and now I am able to work for the poor well which I always longed for while working in office (a time consuming machine).

What delights me is the opportunity to learn about new things, be exposed to new ideas, and then be challenged to then create something related to this new information. That's why I'm grateful to be in a business that allows me to do that. Maybe not every day, but much more often than not. Business that prescription medication

It may sound silly, but it almost doesn't matter if what I'm learning about seems mundane or trivial. The pleasure comes more from the learning process itself. For example, when I first got into B2B and technical products advertising, I remember learning about the metal stamping processes used to create things like displays shelves in stores. It changed my perspective in some way. The next time I was in a store, I looked at the display equipment and imagined how various companies made those things, perhaps others handled their distribution, and someone on the store's end had to select, specify, and purchase those items, while still others installed them. Business that prescription medication

Business that prescription medication There is a whole network of hidden processes behind the things we see and do everyday. From a prescription medication we may take first thing upon waking, to the weave of the sheets we sleep on when we go to bed at night. This hidden world continues to fascinate even after close to two decades in this business.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What is a key to success?

Last week I read about reporter who inverviewed Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. When asked "what is your most important key to success?" without a hesitation they replied:
Focus, focus, focus! What do you think about their response?
What in your view is a key to success?

I believe they are saying we need to have a laser like focus on the goal to ensure it's reached. Focus ensures we are not distracted. Having vision is an important ingredient as well. Success hinges on so many intangibles, but I would confidence and drive. Confidence in your abilities and your team is crucial to success as it bolsters you on the journey as well as sets the tone or attitude. Where focus brings clarity to where you're going, drive is the engine which ensures we reach our destination.

Along with single minded focus, one need to believe in self, and having an unlimited self determination that the victory is ahead…and encompassing all this the WILL POWER to succeed




This would be my way of seeing to achieve sucess

Very interesting discussion thread. I agree with points made by all. However I feel for any one to be successful he/she/organisation should first define the Success. It is a relative term. You need to define your own definition.

Once you define it, there are many ways to achieve it.

Deciding short term and long term GOALS is the first step.Then you need to make a very clear and detailed action plan to meet them. Here the strategy will play important role. Even if it is for individual or for organization, detailing and assigning the responsibility is important. You need to identify right people. If it is for an individual then you should have self belief that this plan will deliver the results and meet the goals.

Periodic review and continuous improvement is action plan based on the progress and bottlenecks is the responsibility of the owner.

To gain success, owner should also possess lot of personal qualities which will help him to meet the challenges and remain on the growth path with continuous achievement.To name few - Self confidence, strong Will Power, Positive attitude, Learning approach, Vision, approach towards continuous improvement, team building.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Confusing ISO with Process

Confusing ISO with Process, can companies with inefficient, even “broken” process successfully go through ISO-certification? Over the years, I’ve encountered a number that have, which answers the question for me. ISO certifies that quality standards are in place, but it’s a poor indicator of how high the standards are and whether they’re the best the company can do. ISO certification also fails to gauge whether process has been designed to optimize customer experience, despite including numerous customer-related standards.

Nevertheless, organizations frequently confuse the two. Any thoughts on why?

After a decade of quality management system audit and consulting assignments internationally and in a variety of industries, I constantly encounter companies who prominently display their ISO certificate(s) even though they have "broken processes." The two primary contributing factors to this scenario are lack of top management commitment to the effective implementation of the ISO9001 or equivalent standard and incompetent ISO9001 certification bodies and/or auditors.

Dick, if top management of the companies you referred to were truly knowledgeable about the ISO9001 requirements & actively participated in the implementation, maintenance & continual improvement of their quality management system, they would know if their processes are broken, realize that their ISO certificate is meaningless and would question the value-add of their certification body/auditor(s) to their operation.

Lack of top management commitment to the ISO9001 standard has been and continues to be the number one barrier to effective implementation of the ISO9001 quality management system. Until this is resolved Dick, we will continue to encounter companies who display their ISO certificates while their processes remain broken.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

On Net Neutrality, Could a 1-800 Model Really Work?

On Net Neutrality, Could a 1-800 Model Really Work? As most have noticed, net neutrality storm clouds are gathering again and battle lines are being drawn. The flashpoint right now is Comcast's decision to have its Xfinity streaming content not count against its bandwidth caps, but it's not just Comcast. AT&T and Verizon are working on related ideas in which content providers would pay

I had to go check what a 1-800 model really was (we use 0800 or Freephone over here) - but the idea of the 'called party' paying for telephone traffic is well established and has to be attractive. Consumers are well used to the concept of a Freephone number.
What is different is that an Internet Connection has been seen as all or nothing rather than a per-second connection like a phone call usually is.
In order to extend this model to internet, the problem is that it calls for discrimination between different types of internet traffic and hence a reduction of Net Neutrality - something that is historically against the whole ethos of the Internet - which is why the regulators will be wary of it. Nevertheless there is a precedent and it makes alot of business sense.
I can definitely imagine people paying a charge for download of film/movies or access to sports events - direct to the content provider (rather than the ISP). The content providers would have to get commecial agreements with ISPs of course.
Of course that also reduces the ISP to a being a mere bit pipe - but maybe that's ok


Steel telescopic Masts & Powerbank external battery

Hi, we are LONDON company, looking for partners for our two products. Steel telescopic Masts & Powerbank external battery for smart phone, cellphone, Ipad, Iphone blackberry, tablet etc.
For the steel masts, these are used in a lot of application from Antenna tower, Radio station, PMR company, Emergency services - Wind turbines, Military and many many other applications. We have the lowest GLOBAL prices and stocks in London and we are real company who works to build the business with our partners.

Mast information:

For our Powerbank products, w are looking for exclusive partners to work with us to promote our products. We have our own design of 9600mah capacity Powerbanks that is compatible with most of todays mobile phones and devices including Ipad, Iphone, Blackberry, HTC, most smartphone and cellphone. We also have solar powered charger with a 600mah battery which works with most phones and devices. These products are our own products, designed by us and the lowest gloal prices. Great margins for you - and we will work with you to develop your business.

Please contact me, with a brief introduction about your company, and how you think you can sell these products and we will consider setting you up as our exclusive partner.

Lets work together to build some good business !

Kind Regards - Nicky


Job Opening - Specialist Commercial Testing - MNC Telecom / ESW

Job Opening - Specialist Commercial Testing - MNC Telecom / ESW 
One of our Clients is looking for Specialist Commercial Testing for the following role.
POSITION TITLE Specialist Provisioning Testing
POSITION BASED IN Islamabad – Pakistan
GENDER Equal Opportunity Employer
PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION / EXPERIENCE • Hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical/ Telecom Engineering/ IT/IS or Computer Science. Master’s degree in either of these fields would be preferred
Have at least 4 to 6 years of relevant work experience
• Should have solid understanding of the cellular mobile networks, services, VAS products and of key network elements (e.g. MSC, IN, HLR, SMSC, GGSN, SGSN, IT/Billing and BSS elements (e.g. Siebel etc)
• Should have an experience of testing commercial products in Telecom/IT environment.
• Should be a team player and possess strong Interpersonal skills.
• Should be dynamic and self-motivating with excellent organizational skills and should pay close attention to details.
• Should have the ability to work under stress on multiple projects simultaneously ensuring deadlines are met.
• Should have an experience of testing large scale enterprise products, solutions and services.
• Should have an experience of using Rational Quality Manager.
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE & JOB RESPONSIBILITIES • Participate in the EPMO life cycle for launch of products and offers.
• Actively take part in the open forum and subsequent solution forums to understand the functionalities of the product.
• Review concept paper, requirement specifications and other project documentation to assure quality of the products and tests to be developed; i.e., perform manual black box testing
• Design and develop test plan and test cases from commercial design, features/options, tariff structure verification, billing/charging and notification perspectives and get the approval/sign-off for the developed plan and test cases from the concerned department.
• Use risk-driven techniques to develop, maintain and execute test suites for products under test
• Develop appropriate test tools, applying the latest techniques in test automation; e.g., test call generator etc.
• Execute test cases and report defects in Rational Quality.
• Manager while proactively working with the Technical and IT teams for timely fixing of defects and ensure timely products launch
• Participate in EPMO meetings related to product under test, identify the quality implications of known defects and review the impact of proposed changes to product definition on the testing design process.
• Supervise proper version control and configuration management of all test objects developed and test environments used.
• Carryout research projects & document bug/fault reports following agreed-upon processes immediately upon discovery of a quality problem.
• Trace test cases and results back to specific product requirement.
• Update test execution status following agreed-upon processes as part of regularly-scheduled test status updates.
• Create special and periodic testing status reports and metrics (e.g., Test Dashboard) for line management and other concerned departments.
• Assist line management in preparing budgets and schedules
Please send your resume at before June 10th 2012 in WORD FORMAT. Incomplete or Irrelevant CVs will not be entertained. Please mark the title of the designation and the preferred city applying for in the Subject line

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Simple guide of the 4 steps you need to take to sell your business

I should write an article called "101 reasons why you should NOT hire a business broker."

Part 1: They do not earn the expensive commission they charge.
Part 2: They do not know how to do a proper valuation.

Parts 3-101 coming later.

Why is there not a dislike button

One of the biggest scams imho is the "valuation" game. It's a vain attempt to put a number on something that can't be explained by a number. A long time business person CAN put a valuation on a business after talking to the owner for quite a long time, looking at the "figures" and looking at the lifestyle of the owner, etc etc etc. Taking any notice of "data" from a business that has taken years hiding profit is an exercise in futility. I created anew or bought 58 businesses in my career and ultimately sold all of them. I always spent a couple of days in the town and talked to customers, suppliers etc and THEN made a decision. LASTLY I would look at their books. Brokers have ONE good asset that they can provide and that's connecting the buyer and seller. If the broker is good, they will also spend the time to "learn" what the seller is really selling. It's ALWAYS more than assets and I suspect that few "brokers" bother to take this time. It's too bad, because there would be a much better market for a "broker" who did it right

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